Silhouette InstaLift

What is Silhouette InstaLift?
Silhouette InstaLift is a minimally invasive procedure specifically designed to lift and re-contour sagging facial skin for a natural more youthful appearance. The results are immediate and there is minimal downtime.

How Does It Work?
Resorbable suspension sutures with small bidirectional cones are inserted under the skin. They engage and elevate the deeper layers of your skin, allowing the sutures to create a lifting and volumizing effect. Over time, the sutures are naturally absorbed by your body while stimulating collagen, which helps to anchor the skin once the sutures have dissolved.
Increased collagen production also improves facial volume and appearance.

Silhouette InstaLift is designed to give a subtle noticeable lift of facial tissue to a more youthful position. A Silhouette treatment is not the same as a surgical facelift or neck lift and SHOULD NOT be expected to achieve the same results as can be seen with a surgical face or neck lifting procedure. A Silhouette InstaLift treatment is a minimally invasive office treatment that doesn’t involve any incisions or cutting of the skin as is necessary with a surgical lift. Many use a Silhouette InstaLift procedure to refresh their appearance while avoiding or delaying a surgical approach.

What Are The Sutures Made Of?
Silhouette sutures are made of a well-known biomedical copolymer that is well tolerated by the body and has a long history of use in medical devices and as a resorbable suture. The sutures typically dissolve over several months but because collagen has formed around and anchors the suture sites, your results are expected to last much longer.

How Long Should The Results of My Silhouette InstaLift Treatment Last?
Silhouette InstaLift treatments have been shown to last from 12-18 months but results are influenced by age, skin quality, the areas treated, degree of laxity or sagging and the number of sutures used. Additional sutures may be added at any time to improve or maintain your results.

What Should I Do To Prepare For My Treatment?
If possible, arrive with a clean makeup free face. If needed, your makeup can be removed after your arrival.

To minimize any bruising avoid the following medications for 10 days before your appointment: Blood thinners, Aspirin, Aleve (Naproxen), Advil (Ibuprofen), other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, Steroids (Prednisone and others). Also many products found in health food stores including Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Ginko, Garlic, Ginseng, Green Tea, Kava, St. John’s Wort, Celery Root, Black Cohash and Flax Seed may increase your chance of bruising. Do Not Stop Prescription Medications Without First Consulting Your Doctor. Avoid alcohol the day before your treatment.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?
The actual treatment takes around 45 minutes but we schedule 1 ½ hours so that we can carefully decide where best to place your Silhouette sutures to get the best lift, answer all questions and fully review discharge instructions.

Is There Any Reason I Should Not Get A Silhouette Instalift Treatment?
You should not get this treatment if you have a known allergy or foreign body sensitivities to plastic material. Treatments should not be done on any areas that have an active infection. Patients with excessive, heavy skin and/or sagging and who have thin papery skin are not typically good candidates for this procedure.

Will I Feel Any Discomfort?
Your treatment should be comfortable. We numb your face with lidocaine with epinephrine prior to treatment using small injections. Lidocaine injections may mildly sting but are easily tolerated. During the rest of the treatment, you will feel slight pressure but should not have discomfort. Your treatment will be adjusted as needed if you feel any discomfort at any time. Your comfort is very important to us.

How Will I Look Immediately After the Procedure?
It is common to have some mild bruising and swelling. Most swelling is gone in 2-3 days. Bruises take from a few days to 2 weeks to resolve. In most cases, bruises are mild, resolve quickly and can be easily covered with makeup. Your skin will be intentionally lifted as much as possible to give you your best results. This will cause some wrinkling at the treatment sites, which will quickly smooth out over the next 1-3 days. It is expected that you may have some dimpling of the skin at the treatment sites. Any dimpling should slowly improve daily and completely resolve within 1-3 weeks. Occasionally wrinkling and dimpling take longer to resolve.

When Can I Wear Makeup?
When Can I Return To Work?
You need to wait 24 hours after your procedure before wearing makeup. You may be slightly swollen and bruised the next day but most feel comfortable returning to work 1-2 days after treatment.

What Else Should I Expect During the Recovery Period?
It is common for your face to feel slightly sore the day of the treatment. Most note diminishing tenderness each day for up to a week. Either Tylenol or Advil should easily manage any discomfort.

What Should I Do After My Treatment To Get My Best Results?
Sleep face up, elevated on pillows for 3-5 nights. Do not rub your face aggressively when washing/drying or shaving for 2 weeks. Avoid excessive neck and facial movements for 2 weeks. No high impact sports such as running for 2 weeks. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and UV light for 2 weeks. Avoid saunas for 3 weeks. Avoid dental surgery for 3 weeks. Avoid facial or face down massages and facial aesthetic treatments for 4 weeks.

How Much Does a Silhouette InstaLift Treatment Cost?
Cost varies depending on the number of sutures you may require. Most need 3-5 pairs of sutures. Consults are free and we can give you an exact cost at that time. You may call or text
817-296-5483 for a consult. Treatments are not done immediately after a consult but are scheduled for a later date unless this has already been agreed upon by you and your physician.

We Accept CARECredit.
With a CARECredit card you pay out the cost of your treatment over 6 months, Interest Free. Application for a CARECredit card is easy.







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